Stay Fit For Adventures

Uncovered: The secret of being as agile as a teenager for a lifetime

It is not every day that you meet someone who has made keeping fit a way of life for over 30 years and counting. Mind you, there are those who utilise their gym memberships twice a week, with satisfaction worn on their sweaty foreheads after each session of burning 500 calories; then there is Edwin Siew, the true fitness aficionado who has made cardiovascular training a religious routine since his teens, so much so that his 5km runs every alternate days have since become his idea of a stroll in the park. And as if that were not enough, Edwin’s regular strengthening drills are peppered with body resistance workouts twice a week while his weekends are left for the what he would consider the fun stuff – climbing, swimming and core workouts!


At 48 years young, he claims, “I’m lucky to be blessed with the DNA of a healthy body. Except for the occasional knee strain due to a torn meniscus, generally I’m still able to keep to my exercise regime without experiencing any major aches.” Saying that, Edwin is aware that even though his good genes have been gifted to him, keeping his bodily functions optimal is something that must be conscientiously attended to on a daily basis. To this extent, he has been taking Glucosamine supplements since 1995 to prevent the breakdown of joints since Glucosamine is widely known to aid the building of cartilage, the tough connective tissue that cushions the joints.

“…this product would ensure that I can continue to function at this level of intensity for many more years to come. You can imagine how stoked I was on hearing that.” - Edwin Siew

Edwin reveals that “in 2016, a friend gave me a jar of powdered supplement called Epaplus Arthicare, telling me that the collagen-producing attributes of this product would ensure that I can continue to function at this level of intensity for many more years to come. You can imagine how stoked I was on hearing that.”


Epaplus Arthicare is rich in Vitamin C, contributing to collagen production that is essential for the normal functioning of the bones, cartilage and skin. In addition, this supplement – which comes in both liquid and powered variants (learn more here) – contains Vitamins B1, B2 and B6, the coenzymes in protein synthesis favouring collagen production. Epaplus Arthicare has been instrumental in Edwin’s audacious thrill-seeking journey as it not only promotes natural regeneration of tissue that keeps his joints healthy, but also helps to prevent injuries sustained through sports and high intensity workouts.  


As a professional adventure and expedition consultant, Edwin relies on both training and supplements to maintain his agility and fitness in order to stay on top of his game. Work sends him overseas for almost 5 months per year, where he leads like-minded adventurers through harsh mountainous terrains or the unpredictable open seas, depending on each group’s propensity to experience nature’s extremes.


A few years ago, Edwin married his love for what mother nature has to offer and his twenty-plus years’ experience at Outward Bound School into a unique business. One can turn dreams of an outdoor conquest typically only seen on a television programme into a living reality through Incredible Journeys, the brainchild of Edwin and his co-founder. He takes an active role in planning every adventure passage, right down to training and preparing the expeditioner for an outrageously memorable trip, including scaling Mount Everest, K2 or Xixabangma.


When he’s not “living it up” at these exotic destinations, you’ll find Edwin conducting climbing classes at Singapore Mountaineering Federation or as a kayaking coach at the Singapore Canoe Federation. He adds, “I’ve now substituted my daily Glucosamine supplements for Epaplus as I discovered over time that it’s extremely effective in keeping my joints in pristine condition. Epaplus is like the perfect oil to my engine, and I’m hopeful that I can continue to do what I love for many more years to come.”