Mount Everest - Climb without Pain

Living his “no pain, no gain” mantra without the unnecessary physical stress

Described as the driest and coldest place on Earth, the harsh winter temperatures are known to fall below -50 °C. In summer, frigid temperatures average at -20°C, where even the fittest will be gasping for air from threading through layers of ice sheets at the South Pole. Frost bites set in almost instantaneously on exposing your naked skin, lips crack, gums and teeth ache; the South Pole is certainly not your typical idea of a summer vacation destination.


So when you meet someone who has man-hauled to the South Pole, you know that you are dealing with a person armed with an ample dose of grit, tenacity, and discipline. For over two decades, David Lim has made the outdoors his playing field, with the Antarctic being just one of his many expedition feats.


“I grew up with an innate passion for adventure, that life should be experienced through both your physical and mental abilities”, says David, who certainly knows more than a thing or two about the type of dogged determination required to have a successful life.


Most are familiar with a world of boardroom meetings, budget reviews and strategizing for the next disruptive technology – as you excel in a typical corporate environment, badges acknowledging the hallmarks of leadership are emblazoned onto the sleeves of your office attire. But when you summon your utmost abilities to rise above unimaginable terrains, your personal development increases exponentially, outdoing the honours imprinted on the office annual appraisal sheet.  That is the belief that has guided David’s life’s philosophy, evident even in his career choices. He is currently the Assistant Director at Outward Bound Singapore (OBS), an organisation where he has devoted over 12 years of his professional life to educating through experiential learning.


David still conducts outdoor activities like trekking and kayaking programmes at OBS, although his typical day is primarily filled with meetings. This means that on a daily basis, his body transitions from medium and heavy physical strain to being more sedentary, and vice versa.  One will be hard pressed to find a 48 year-old who’s in better shape than David, but he admits that his exercise regime has slowed down slightly due to the wear and tear on his joints over the years of adventure scaling.


A few years ago, occasional lower back pains, knee joints and ankle aches started plaguing him. This affected his ability to function normally as there was even discomfort while walking. David was then introduced to Epaplus Arthicare, a pharmaceutical grade supplement with high quality active ingredients that assist in lubricating cartilages and ligaments, and stimulate collagen production. The effects were pretty astounding for David: with daily consumption, he no longer suffered from the joint aches. 


Epaplus Arthicare is popularly consumed by athletes and the elderly with arthrosis and osteoporosis problems.  Its formula complies with the specifications defined by the European and American Pharmacopoeias, to promote the maintenance of bones and muscles in normal conditions and prevent skin aging. (Full details of Epaplus can be found here).


David testifies that Epaplus Articare has provided him more than just relief from physical pain. He adds, “Being pain free has also increased my confidence to train harder since I now feel that my joints are well taken care of. I cycle once a week and routinely engage in 5 basic exercises for body conditioning. And if I am preparing for a trekking expedition, I increase my training frequency to do 40-storey stair climbs twice a week.” That was how he prepared for his trek up to Everest Base Camp in 2016. Incidentally, he took Epaplus each morning and accomplished that trip pain-free.

Like all die-hard adventurers, David has yet another extreme expedition in the works. Needless to say, it has to be nothing less than an adrenaline pumping, pulsating exploit for someone who has conquered the South Pole.

“I’m planning to combine motorbiking and mountaineering for a trip up to Tibet in two years’ time.    Naturally, I’ll again be sure to bring along enough Epaplus Articare for the entire duration of this mission. I’m always cognizant of the fact that these trips eventually end and my wife still needs me to stay healthy and mobile to help out with our two daughters at home!” quips David.