Probiotic Drops from the #1 Pediatrician Recommended Brand

Culturelle® Baby Strong Beginning drops support your baby’s brain and eye development with DHA while nourishing their gastrointestinal microbiome for healthy digestion and immune health with proven probiotics.*DHA is an essential building block for your baby’s developing brain. That’s why Culturelle® Baby Strong Beginning drops are formulated with 70 mg of DHA for healthy cognitive, social, emotional and behavioral development.* And these convenient drops are delivered consistently  by a unique oil suspension technology.

Culturelle® Baby Strong Beginning drops  contain science-backed  probiotics, including the #1 clinically studied probiotic strain in infants, Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG (-),† as well as scientifically proven Bifidobacterium animalis subsp. lactis (BB-12®) to supplement the good bacteria naturally found in breast milk.

This probiotic blend helps your baby’s digestion work better, supports their healthy immune system and restores bacteria in their microbiome.*

How Taking a Daily Probiotic Nurtures Your Baby’s Healthy Digestion

There are many things that can throw off the bacterial balance in your baby’s developing gastrointestinal microbiome. Scientists now understand that the microbiotas of vaginally delivered babies are different from those of babies delivered by C-section. Whether baby is breast-fed or formula-fed appears to make a difference as well. Even things like older siblings, pets, environment, diet and certain medications can influence baby’s microbiota. An imbalance in the gut microbiota can lead to occasional digestive upset and impact overall wellness. 

It’s important to establish your baby’s healthy gastrointestinal microbiome early on. The microbes that live in baby’s gut actually help to train their immune system during the first six months of life. This period of time is considered the critical window of development by doctors and scientists because frequent exposure to microbes, like bacteria, is essential for a lifetime of good health. 

Culturelle® Baby Strong Beginning drops balance your little one’s digestive tract naturally with the power of good bacteria to support their overall health.* And, because probiotics are most effective when taken every day to keep restocking good bacteria in your baby’s microbiome, be sure to make Culturelle® probiotics part of your baby’s daily routine. So your baby’s digestive tract stays balanced and healthy.*

Directions for Use

For 0-24 months:
1. Shake before use.
2. Provide one serving daily.
3. Fill dropper to solid line and dispense directly into bottle or cool food or drink.
4. Refrigerate after opening and use within two months to ensure the highest quality of DHA in every serving.


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