Oral Vaccine against Cholera and ETEC (Travel Diarrhoea)

DUKORAL® is used to protect travellers against cholera and ETEC-diarrhoea. The ETEC bacterium is one of the most common cause of “travellers’ diarrhoea”.

The vaccine works on the body’s immune system in the intestinal tract. It stimulates the production of antibodies against cholera and the toxin that causes watery diarrheoa in patients infected with either the cholera or ETEC bacterium.

The vaccine has to be taken orally in a bicarbonate solution. For adults and children above 6 years - two doses are required. For children between 2-6 years – three doses are required. The product should not be used in children under 2 years. Vaccination must be completed one week before travel.

DUKORAL® is a prescription-only medicine.

Also, the risk of cholera and ETEC diarrheoa vary a lot between different countries.

Consult your Travel Clinic or personal doctor for important information and advice.



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