Laboratoires Bailleul International

Laboratoires Bailleul is an independent pharmaceutical group founded in France in 1949. The company was founded by a pharmacist (Jean Bailleul) and a doctor (Dr Alphonse Bigou) who met during World War II in France. Dr Bigou was interested to develop supplements to address nutritional deficiencies resulting from food rationing. The company then started to develop a wider range of products with a focus in dermatology. Laboratoires Bailleul has been active in dermatology for over 70 years.      

Laboratoires Bailleul helped to demonstrate the preventive action of cystine combined with vitamin B6 in hair loss. Their collaboration with dermatologists in universities and hospitals resulted in a wide range of prescription and dermato-cosmetic products for hair and skin care.   

Laboratoires Bailleul products are formulated using the company’s extensive expertise in dermatology. They pay special attention to micronized ingredients and innovative galenical formulations.    Their products are made to strict quality standards and are rigorously tested. Laboratoires Bailleul aims to produce dermatological products that guarantees tolerance, effectiveness and optimum pleasure of use. The improvement of the patient’s health and well-being is at the heart of what Laboratoires Bailleul does. They offer a comprehensive range of products that treats and maintains the well-being of patients with various dermatological conditions. The goal is not only the treatment of underlying pathologies – but also to preserve and enhance the well-being of patients who use our products.

Laboratoires Bailleul has a portfolio of 57 pharmaceuticals, 35 derm-cosmetics and 11 health supplements. They are the leader in two therapeutic categories in France – hair loss and acne.    They market products in 86 countries. Laboratoires Bailleul international headquarters is located in Geneva.

Laboratoires Bailleul have two well-known dermatological products in Singapore. IONIL-T Shampoo is an established product in dermatology and is useful for various scalp conditions.     EFFICORT Lipocream and Hydrocream are effective anti-inflammatory topical agents for various dermatoses. CYSTIPHANE Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo and ECOPHANE Fortifying Shampoo are used by a select group of physicians for hair loss and weakened hair respectively. Other Bailleul products will be introduced to Singapore in the near future.


Products from Laboratoires Bailleul International