BoYan-i is a unique ultra-moisturizing skin care solution for people with dry and sensitive skin. It contains a patented plant-derived probiotic (Lactobacillus sakei proBio65) which has anti-allergic and anti-bacterial properties.

BoYan-i provides gente and optimum skin care for body and face, and can be used by anyone with sensitive skin – even children and babies.

In addition to Lactobacillus sakei proBio65 - BoYan-i contain various biologically active ingredients like hyaluronic acid, ceramide-3, fucoidan and copper tripeptide. Hyaluronic acid hydrates and keeps skin moist and supple. Ceramide-3 restores the skin protective lipid barrier. Fucoidan and copper tripeptide-1 helps with skin recovery and regeneration.

BoYan-i also contains betaine which is a good calming agent. It contains Naturotics® - a synergistic blend of plant extracts that helps in various skin conditions.

There are certainly a lot of ingredients in this unique skin care product! There are three separate formulations of BoYan-i: Cleanser, Lotion and Cream. The best results are obtained when using all three products. The Cleanser gently cleanses the skin. The Lotion calms, moisturises and nourishes the skin. The Cream is used to relieve and restore specific áreas which are dry and itchy.


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