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Excellence is making life better for people.

“Excellence” is fundamental when we talk about people’s health and well-being. At Peroxfarma, excellence is typified by our constant efforts to innovate and to contribute to society by providing quality products that makes life better for everyone.

Epaplus Health Supplements was born with the mission of bringing “an extra dose of health to people”. We studied promising ingredients that help people with their medical needs. We innovated to develop unique combinations and better formulations. The result is a range of products that are highly appreciated by consumers everywhere. Epaplus Arthicare is our flagship product - it is the most successful joint supplement in Spain. We are very pleased to make this product available in Singapore.

Mussvital Dermatological Gels are the best selling products of its category in Spain. Around this brand - we have developed Mussvital Dermactives - a range of pharmaceutical-grade cosmetic products with biologically “active” ingredients in cutting-edge formulations that provide the right care for each skin type. There is a specific shower gel and skin moisturiser for each individual’s skin. “Extremely smooth and gentle!”, “Nourishes and moisturises without any greasiness!” and “My skin loves these products!” are some consumers’ reactions to these products. Try these products and be surprised!

Peroxfarma is based in Barcelona, Spain. We are ranked as Europe’s 3rd most successful city - one of the world’s leading centre for tourism, commerce, culture and the arts. Barcelona is home to creative genius like Antoni Gaudi (La Sagrada Familia) and Pablo Picasso. We have one of the most famous streets in Europe - La Rambla. And we are also home to F.C. Barcelona (Nou Camp) - arguably the world’s most successful and supported football club although our Spanish rival Real Madrid will disagree.

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