​Our Partners

Alliance Pharma

Alliance Pharma PLC is a United Kingdom-based pharmaceutical company. It owns the rights to more than 90 pharmaceutical and consumer health care products whom it markets through a network of partner companies in more than 100 countries. Alliance Pharma has products in cardiology, central nervous system, child health, consumer health, dermatology, endocrinology, gastroenterology, obstetrics and gynaecology, oral health, oncology, stoma care, toxicology and travel health. Alliance Pharma business model is to acquire proven pharmaceutical and consumer health assets – developing and marketing them through their global network of partners in order to fully realise their value. Alliance Pharma has a rigorous process to screen and identify high potential acquisition targets. It uses the same rigor to find the optimum partner for these assets. This often results in Alliance Pharma working with more than one partner in each country. Aenon Pharmaceuticals is pleased to represent Alliance Pharma star product KELO-COTE in Singapore. KELO-COTE is a clinically proven prevention and treatment for hypertrophic and keloid scars.

Bavarian Nordic

Bavarian Nordic A/S is a fully integrated biotechnology company focused on the development, manufacturing and commercialization of cancer immunotherapies and vaccines for infectious diseases. The company is headquartered in Kvistgaard, Denmark (a town in Helsingør Municipality), where it also operates a commercial-scale manufacturing facility. The company has a research and development facility in Martinsried, Germany and an office in Morrisville, North Carolina.


I-Health Inc. is a leading consumer health and wellness company based in the United States.   It is committed to improve the lives of consumers through innovative and effective over-the-counter consumer health products developed according to the company’s values.    I-Health uses strong science and quality ingredients to develop the best-in-class product formulations.    The company’s research and innovation efforts have resulted in brands that are used for digestive and immune health (probiotics), women’s health, healthy aging and other nutritional needs.       I-Health’s Culturelle™ is the No. 1 selling probiotic brand in the world‡.   It contains the patented probiotic strain LGG.   CULTURELLE™ is the most recommended brand of probiotic by paediatricians in the United States.   At i-Health, Inc. our mindset towards quality is deeply engrained in our ambition to deeply understand and serve our customers' needs.   This mindset starts from product conception and runs through manufacturing and to after-sales support.     I-Health is a wholly owned subsidiary of DSM Nutritional Products.   DSM Nutritional Products is one of the world’s leading producers of essential nutrients like vitamins, carotenoids, nutraceuticals and nutritional lipids.   It provides nutritional ingredients to companies in the food, pharmaceutical and personal care industries. I-Health mindset towards quality is the core of DSM's Quality for Life™ – a seal of excellence. Quality for Life™ assures you the products you are buying from us are safe in terms of quality, reliability and traceability.   Moreover, they are manufactured in a safe and sustainable way. Behind DSM Quality for Life™ seal – are our people -  highly trained professionals across  the globe skilled in many different disciplines.  The Quality for Life™ seal represents their commitment to the job they do, the products they make, and the services they provide. More information about DSM and Quality for Life™ can be found at https://www.dsm.com/products/qualityforlife/en_US/home.html

Laboratoires Bailleul International

Since 1949, Laboratoires Bailleul has been using our medical and pharmaceutical expertise to offer comprehensive solutions to various skin, hair and nail problems. For the past 65 years, we have been cultivating a passion for innovation with high scientific standards of quality. We are now one of the best known dermatology companies in France.

Paxvax Berna

Paxvax is a leading independent vaccine company. We are devoted to developing and commercializing specialty in vaccines that protect against existing and emerging infectious diseases. Our goal is to provide tools for health care providers serving the 100 million people every year who travel to countries where these diseases are present.

Peroxfarma S.A.

“Excellence” is fundamental when we talk about people’s health and well-being. At Peroxfarma, excellence is typified by our constant efforts to innovate and to contribute to society by providing quality products that makes life better for everyone.

ProBionic Corporation

ProBionic Corp. is a life science company specializing in the development and commercialization of skin products. The company was created in a research institute Daedok Innopolis - the innovative hub and cradle of South Korea’s life science industry.

Valneva SE

​Valneva SE is a biotech company specialized in infectious diseases and we have 2 globally established commercial vaccines often used by travellers. One is against the deadly Japanese encephalitis disease spread by the Culex mosquito and prevalent in Asia. The other is against cholera and ETEC (Enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli) diarrhea - two different types of diarrhea resulting from consuming contaminated food and water. ETEC is the most common reason why travellers are stricken with diarrhea when travelling to countries in South America, South Asia, and South-East Asia.